We were Loggers First. So we put Loggers First.

It all started in 1973, a successful logger in the 1960's transitioned to a parts business and then became a forestry equipment dealer to serve the southeast's large logging population. It started with one small location and quickly became the largest Tree Farmer Dealer in the US. Through out the years the brands, industry, and faces may have changed but one thing didn't, our philosophy that honestry is the basis for all business that we do. Now 3 Generations later loggers, dealers, and our community still depend on us to keep their businesses running strong by providing quality parts and equipment at fair prices.

Trusted for over 45 Years, we started with one promise. A commitment to keep logger's operations running strong by providing quality used logging equipment and logging parts at FAIR PRICES. Nothing has changed since DAY ONE.

Our Mission

We aren't accountable to investors or a board like other companies. We are accountable to our customers and our employees. And you hold us to the high standard that we strive to deliver. We are dedicated to delivering quality logging parts and logging equipment with professionalism, honesty, and transparency everyday. Our products are supported by years of industry knowledge and sold at fair prices so that our customers know that at the end of the day their businesses are being supported by a company that isn't looking at today's bottom line but serving them in the future.

What They say about Us

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