Grass, weeds, and small brush are no match for these authentic Bush Hog® built cutters. Available in 5-feet, 6-feet, and 7-feet cutting widths, the BH10 Series Rotary Cutters are designed to deliver superior performance in tough conditions, day after day, year after year.


Bush Hog® brand rotary cutters are famous for their durability…so famous that there are many imitations. Do not be disappointed! Only Bush Hog® rotary cutters are tough enough to wear the Bush Hog® brand. Be sure you buy authentic Bush Hog® brand rotary cutters…the original and still the toughest, built to last!


  • Ideal for pasture clipping and grass cutting
  • Cut saplings up to 2-inch Diameter
  • Easy to operate
  • All models except BH17 attach with Category I standard or optional quick hitch, the BH17 uses Category I or II standard and quick hitch
  • Laminated tire with bearings on all models
  • Shear pin or slip clutch protection on BH15 or BH16
  • Slip club standard on BH17


  • Below Deck Structure of strongbacks and gearbox stand allows for a smooth top deck which sheds water and debris
  • Continous welded Side Bands tied together through the integrated gearbox stand
  • Curved Rear Band to resist bending going forward and backing up
  • Tail Wheel Beam has 3/16 inch wall and is clamped between two heavy steel plates for a secure fit to resist side loads during turns.
  • Bush Hog Blades are forged and heat treated for long lasting sharpness
  • Bush Hog Gearboxes have splined output shafts with tapered roller bearings that resist thrust and side loads as the pan pushes the cutter up or to the side of large obstacles liek rocks or stumps
  • Laminated Tail Wheel with laminated style rubber
  • Full Length Skids with 1/4 inch skids run one half the length for added strength that resists bending


  • Front and Rear Deflectors or Chain Shieldings available


  • Slip Clutch

Available in Red, Orange, Blue, and Green


Cutting Width 5ft 6ft 7ft
Cutting Capacity Up to 2" Up to 2" Up to 2"
Cut Height Min 2" - 12" 2" - 12" 2" - 12"
Dimensions 5ft 5in x 8ft 1in 6ft 5in x 9ft 2in 7ft 5in x 10ft 6in
Type Hitch CAT I/Quick Hitch Option CAT I/Quick Hitch Option CAT II/Quick Hitch Option
Deck Thickness 11 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge
Side Bands 3/4"x11 guage 9 3/4"x10 gauge 10 1/4"x10 guage
Driveshaft ASAE Cat 3 ASAE Cat 3 ASAE Cat 4
Gearbox Rating 45HP 65HP 130HP
Tractor PTO Speed 540RPM 540RPM 540RPM
Driveline Protection 8X50MM Gr8 Shearbolt 10X55MM Gr8 Shearbolt Slipclutch Standard
Bladeholder Oval Type Oval Type Oval Type
Blades 1/2"x4" Uplift 1/2"x4" Uplift 1/2"x4" Uplift
Blade Tip Speed 14,369FPM 14,969FPM 14,420FPM
Tires Laminated Laminated Laminated
Tractor PTO HP 25-40HP 30-45HP 50-70HP
Safety Shielding FR&REAR Deflectors FR&REAR Deflectors FR&REAR Deflectors
Approx Weight 636lbs 764lbs 1024lbs
Warranty 1yr Limited 1yr Limited 1yr Limited
Gearbox Limited Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years

FEATURES Floating Frame Hitch + High Blade Tip Speeds + Available in Major Tractor Colors


Click the links below to download brochures, owner's manuals, and parts manuals.

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 SPRING 2017  The World's First HD Heavy Hog

[ Bush Hog Commercial Grade Zero Turn ]

Bush Hog® and W&W are excited to introduce their new line of HD Heavy Hog Zero Turn Mowers that will give you plenty to smile about. The HDE Series is designed for homeowners with acreage or estate owners. The HDC Series is designed for commercial use. The HDZ Series is designed for professional use. There’s the renowned durability and reliability that has made Bush Hog® a legend for over 60 years from a local family owned business that you have trusted for over 40 years.

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